The Ultimate Business Toolset All in One Suite.

The Entrepreneur Suite offers full configuration, maintenance, general upkeep, and data management of an open-source toolset composed of 18+ tools, all wrapped up into one centralized platform with room for scalability and full customer service.

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Fully Equipped Toolset

Solutions for Every Need

With more than 18 open source tools hosted and maintained on your private server you can be sure that your team will have access to all the functions they need at their fingertips. The carefully selected and optimized open source toolset serves as equivalents to the most well known alternatives, offering full functionality, high quality, and deep customization for a fraction of the price.

With Unlimited Web Hosting

The Entrepreneur Suite effortlessly supports up to 80TB of traffic and a bandwidth of 2Tbs/s, making it more than capable of hosting numerous websites without strain. Integrate any API-based web builder for ultimate freedom and customization, allowing you to craft your ideal website precisely as you envision.

Unlimited Mail Account Hosting

Enjoy unlimited mail account hosting with the Entrepreneur Suite, at no additional cost. Connect your email accounts to any mailbox viewer or app, including our dedicated platform mailbox app, ensuring all your mailbox hosting and maintenance needs are seamlessly managed within one comprehensive package.

With the Ability to Dream Bigger

Unlock limitless customization with our API-centric platform! Integrate and optimize an endless array of tools tailored to your team's needs. With the Entrepreneur Suite, enjoy free integration and maintenance of up to five additional tools, paving the way for effortless scaling. Plus, our built-in automation app lets your team craft, test, and execute tasks seamlessly, boosting efficiency and streamlining operations- all at no extra cost!

On A Private, Dedicated Server

Power your business with the Entrepreneur Suite's dedicated server-each packed with 32GB of RAM, 1TB of storage, and 80TB of traffic. Benefit from twice-daily backup snapshots, DDoS protection, 99.6% uptime, and GDPR-compliant security. Ready for any task, servers can scale up to 8TB of storage, with corresponding RAM and CPU boosts. Plus, subsequent S3 storage solutions ensure you'll always have the space you need.

And Full Customer Support

The LetsBe Biz support team stands ready to collaborate closely with your teams, providing expert assistance for any challenges or issues that may arise. Our dedicated professionals are committed to ensuring that your experience remains buttery-smooth, offering proactive solutions and responsive support around the clock. Whether it's troubleshooting, system updates, or tailored advice, we're here to help every step of the way to maintain seamless operation and optimize your platform's performance.

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A Carefully Tailored Toolset

We offer a tailored toolset, meticulously curated from our comprehensive suite of tools, designed to meet the specific needs of your business. We work closely with you to select and customize the perfect combination of resources, ensuring that each tool not only enhances your operational efficiency but also aligns perfectly with your business objectives.

Company Calendar

Have as many calendars as you want, share them with your team and then connect them to any calendar app.

Card Deck

A Project-Management Card Deck with the ability to assign and keep track of team tasks.

Internal Database

An "Air-Table" style database to keep track of all of your important information.

Collaborative Design

Collaboratively design wireframes, mockups, and much more alongside your team.

Collaborative Document Editing

Draft and collaboratively edit text documents, slideshows, spreadsheets and more with an integrated editor.

Appointment Scheduling

Provide your visitors and clients with a cleanly-designed page to book appointments, working around your schedule in your calendar and with support for automatically created chatrooms through the chat function.

Text, Audio, Video Chat

Setup multi-member chat rooms with your team or external members with file sharing, video chat, screensharing, audio chat, and much more- all with minimal lag and secured on your private server.

Secured Password Vault

Create, store, and share passwords in a secured password vault so you can access all of your logins with one click.

Multi-Account Mailbox

View and edit emails through an integrated mailbox that supports multiple different accounts at once, giving you a comprehensive overview of all your incoming mail.

Customer Support Management

Manage your customer support tickets and inquiries easily through one location, with the ability to develop automations to further streamline your customer support services.


Integrate WordPress or any other API-based web builder of your choosing to develop and host your personal website, all connected to your domain and ready for heavy traffic and scalability.

Marketing Automation & Management

Keep all of your Social Media accounts managed and automated from one location with support for: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, and Mastodon.

Web Analytics

Easy access to all the most important analytics and statistics about your site with real-time visitor tracking and much, much more.

Company Contact Book

Store and share important business contacts in an integrated contact book.

Newsletter Automation & Management

Manage and Automate Newsletters for your mailing lists, or create mass email campaigns all from one location.

Custom Automation Designer

Design and create logical automations to further customize how the tools work together and make your business even more efficient.

Cloud Storage

With 1TB of base storage (and the ability to add subsequent storage), keep track of and share your company documents, all stored privately and securely on your server.

Ecommerce Inventory Management

Keep track of and manage your inventory with store backend infrastructure, making ecommerce a breeze.


The Complete Package,
for one low price.

Start optimizing your workflow and business efficiency now by using the Entrpreneur Suite!

Core features
Custom Email Addresses
Web Hosting
Web Domain Hosting Limit
Cloud Storage Space
Dedicated Server
Multiple Team-Member Support
Hosted Tools
Web Builder
Any API-Based Builder
Website Analytics Tracking
Project Management Card Deck
Integrated Shareable Calendar
Appointment Booking and Management
Automation Tool
Web Widget Tool
Marketing Automation
Password Vault
Company-Wide Contact Book
Video, Audio, Text Chat
Design Tool
Newsletter Automation
Customer Support Management
Ecommerce Inventory Management
Integrated Database
Collaborative Document Editing
Additional Tool Integration
Up to 5 (Any API-based Tool)
Custom Web-Code Integration
Client Service
Customer Service
No Minimum Monthly Contract
DDoS Protection
Enhanced Security and Encryption
Disaster Recovery
2 Snapshots per Day
Server Average Uptime (Annual)


Where do these tools come from?

The Entrepreneur Suite hosts a selection of open-source tools that we carefully chose and tailored to the service. All of the tools are just as capable (if not more in some instances) as their larger equivalents, while also being flexible and allowing tools to work together in a more open way- providing more efficiency and opening the door to wider, multi-tool automations to make running your business a breeze.

How is data security and privacy handled?

Your server is encrypted using AES-256 for data at rest, TLS 1.2 for in-transit data, multi-factor authentication (2FA can be enabled on some apps, reach out to our support for more info), DDoS Protection, and multiple backups to ensure your data is highly secured and providing you with ease-of-mind.

Is there a limit to how many users I can have on the Entrepreneur Suite?

The limit for the Entrepreneur Suite is 10 users with the given pricing plan. If you would like to add more users, reach out to our sales team member at to find a solution!

Can the Entrepreneur Suite handle scalability?

The Entrepreneur Suite was designed for scalability! Whether it's more tools, team members, email addresses, storage, or server power, our team is ready to help you scale without breaking a sweat.

Can we setup third-party tools within the suite?

Absolutely! The Entrepreneur Suite comes with support for hosting up to 5 tools external to the suite, and any tool that has an API can be integrated- meaning the possibilities for customization and refinement for your business needs is endless!

Is there a free trial?

We unfortunately do not offer a free trial at this point, as the onboarding process that needs to take place for each new client requires a large amount of work from our end.

How long does onboarding take? How does it work?

When you sign up for the Entrepreneur Suite, we immediately start configuring your new server. We will reach out to you within a few hours to collect all the information needed (domain info, desired email addresses, logos to insert, etc.) and will have the full process done normally within 24 hours (though most onboardings are much more rapid). If there are any questions throughout the process, our team is ready to help at any time!

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