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LetsBe Biz Web Suite

The Complete Suite for Web and Mailbox Hosting

LetsBe Biz Web Suite offers web and mailserver hosting on private and secure servers, complete with storage space and a web analytics tool so you can take care of all your web-based business needs in one spot, for one competitive price!

Up to 2 Website Domains/
4 Subdomains
Up to 5 Mail Addresses
(Additional Addresses $1.99/month)

(no minimum contract period)

10GB of Storage
Self-Hosted Open Source
Web Analytics Tool

How it Works

Your Business' Online Presence Starts Here

LetsBe Biz Web Suite provides a full web package for businesses or individuals looking for low-cost, secure, and efficient web and mail hosting:

High-Quality Data Protection

Our servers are tightly encrypted and our data practices are up to GDPR Standards, making them amongst the toughest in the world- and ensuring your data is safe at all times.

Low Cost and No-Commitment

LetsBe Biz Web Suite is the one-stop-shop for web and mail hosting, complete with web analytics and on-demand support, all for one low price and with no minimum contract period.

All Your Web Needs in One Package

LetsBe Biz Web Suite offers 5 mail addresses (with ability to purchase up to 5 more), 5 different web domains, plus a robust analytics tool hosted on your own server.

Support for Multiple Tools and Solutions

With a self-hosted WordPress instance along with a self-hosted open-source analytics tool, you will also have the ability to choose from a larger list of tools to load onto your websites, or use your own custom Python, Ruby, PHP, or NodeJS solutions!

Start using LetsBe Biz Web Suite today and save on all your web needs with high-quality hosting!


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