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LetsBe Biz

The Entrepreneur Suite

The Entrepreneur Suite lets you make your business as robust and efficient as possible. With access to every tool and service you need, all in one spot to maximize team collaboration and all while saving thousands of dollars per year compared to competitors.

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Entrepreneur Suite (1 Month)


Each Tool/Service Individually (1 Month)


How it Works

15+ business tools hosted and managed on a secure, private server

LetsBe Biz provides a full suite of tools and utilities for all aspects of business building, growth and management:

Total Privacy and Encryption

1TB Private Cloud Storage

Full Upkeep and Management

Plus a suite of hand-picked, powerful open-source tools hosted within your own server:

Collaborative Document Editing

Company Calendar

Project Management Card Deck

Database Management

Collaborative Design Tools

Secured, Sharable Password Vault

Company Contact Book

Marketing Management & Automation

Hosting and Management

Customer Support Management

Analytics Tracking

Text, Audio,  Video Chat

Hosting on Personal Domain

Hosting and Upkeep

Appointment Sheduling & Management

Hosting of up to 5 tools of your choice

Management& Automation


All wrapped up into one package with:

System-Wide Automation Tools

Around-the-clock Expert Support

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Top notch privacy and security

Top-Notch Privacy and Security

Save money, time, and increase output

Save Money, Time, and Increase Output

Scalable and adaptable for all needs

Scalable and Adaptable for All Needs

LetsBe Biz offers ultra-high-quality security on a private server, ensuring that your data is safe and protected and remains accessible for your eyes only. With the ability to scale up to 5 employees with no price increase, LetsBe Biz is ready to serve as the backbone for your business from its humble beginning to its explosive success!

Why LetsBe Biz?

Develop a Thriving Business with Minimal Time, Effort, and Cost.

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LetsBe Biz is quick and easy

Quick and Easy Setup

We work with you to setup and customize your LetsBe Biz Platform on a private server.

We know that as a business you have a lot to take care of. Once you sign up for LetsBe Biz our engineers will promptly reach out to create the perfect platform for your business and onboard all of your team with minimal input so you can focus on getting the important work done. Our engineers will ensure your onboarding setup is as quick and easy as possible, and we will work with you to transfer over any current progress from other platforms, and provide guidance in the event you stop using LetsBe Biz in the future.

Save Money, Time, and Be Ready to Scale

LetsBe Biz allows you to automate a vast amount of work, letting you focus on what's most important. LetsBe Biz also offers one all-inclusive price for up to 5 team members (with the ability to purchase a subscription for subsequent members), meaning the more you scale, the more you save. 

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Vastly Increased efficiency across all functions of your business + ability to automate many tasks, leading to easier and stronger customer satisfaction for your business

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Save hundreds or even thousands a month by using our open-source hosting alternative solutions. Use our savings calculator below to see for yourself!

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Businessman on Laptop

We're Here to Help!

The LetsBe Biz team is ready to help with any issues you may need- all you have to do is reach out!

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Around-the-Clock System Support and Management

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Customization of your LetsBe Biz instance

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Support for provided tools


See the Difference for Yourself!

Try an interactive demo of the LetsBe Biz IaaS by clicking below, running on NextCloud. This will help visualize how your instance of the LetsBe Biz Platform will look! Please note that the demo will function best on desktops and laptops as opposed to mobile.


Riley B.

“I was looking for some tools to help centralize our files and automate our social media accounts. When I used LetsBe Biz it was so much cheaper than paying for each of the individual tools I wanted! I'm even considering now to upgrade my website and possibly set up our own storefront. I highly recommend LetsBe Biz because it not only gave me all I needed, it's inspired me to go further with my business!"

What our Clients Think

Sacha S.

"We used to use a ton of different tools and paid for each on their own. Then when we started using LetsBe Biz and we got all the same tools for much less than I was paying per month before. It really is every tool and service we need to run our business in one place."

Joseph R.

“I was a bit hesitant to use LetsBe Biz at first, but once we started using it our team had become more connected, especially with the talk function, and we have great support and a secure server with no downtime issues. I'm very glad we started using LetsBe Biz when we did, it's made our lives so much easier!”



One complete service and toolset, in one competitive-price.

Savings Calculator

Use the calculator below to see how much you can save by using LetsBe Biz!

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